Abandoned Property Investigation

The worldwide reach of our agents has exposed us to the complexity of legal process as it changes from and within varying jurisdictions. However, there are some factual advantages related to finding claimants when you are faced with finding the subjects of abandoned property. Alternatively, you may be a claimant seeking the recovery of abandoned property. The same investigative efforts apply.

When we have been commissioned to conduct an abandoned property investigation, in all cases we will begin with a free consultation to establish our operating parameters. Typically we are faced with incomplete or expired identifiers which will need to become current.

Following the basic diligence efforts, more time is spent locating subjects or accounts in order to put a close on the case in a results driven manner–regardless of which party has engaged us. It is our global reach and our longevity that has taught us to maintain contacts in-country so that we can execute on our clients behalf in a timely manner.

The strength of our value comes when the case is complex and needs to be managed swiftly. In such circumstances our team executes in a professional and accountable manner to put resolution to the abandoned property claim.

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