How Can We Help with UK Background Checks and Background Searches?

Background checks in the UK are incredibly important in this day and age due to the amount of fraudulent behaviour we are up against. Our background reports will not only give you peace of mind, but they will also help you prove or deny someone is indeed who or what they say they are.

We will deliver reliable, complete and current information having complied with all regulations and legalities, such as the Data Protection Act (DPA). We understand how crucial it is to have reliable background information so our team will always strive to offer you unparalleled levels of service.

Background Requests

As investigators, we are also regularly contacted by clients who are concerned their spouse may be being unfaithful. Whilst a UK background search might not seem like the most relevant course of action, they can actually be very useful in uncovering previous infidelity and the webs of lies that are often told to trusting partners.

Our UK background searches delve into a person’s identifying data, starting with their name and address and leading on from there. We are very thorough in our investigations, so you can be assured you will receive an accurate and complete investigation of their history. You can be assured our service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and we can provide you with details on the following:

  • Current address & phone number
  • Recent address history
  • Birthdate
  • Aliases/maiden name
  • Property ownership
  • Bankruptcies & County Court judgments
  • Information on known relatives
  • Roommates & neighbour information
  • Personal assets
  • Marriages & divorces
  • Businesses; live and failed
  • Press, media and internet history
  • Previous address and linked address searches
  • Employment and career history
  • Professional capabilities

Understanding & Confident Professionals

As professional private investigators, we are well aware of what information is available and how to provide you with an accurate, detailed background check, no matter where the subject of the investigation resides or how well they think their past has been hidden. We also understand how important it is to be discreet and not let on to the subject they are being investigated and that you are involved.

You can therefore be assured of our confidentiality and professionalism. We undertake a background check in the UK ourselves, unlike many other agencies who tend to outsource this work. We are 100% committed to our cases and ensuring the information we find is accurate. We, therefore, take great care to ensure the information is verified by different and trusted sources, so we can be 100% certain everything is correct.

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