Bug Sweeping And TSCM Services

Bug Sweeping Specialists

We have a team of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers of which can be called on from all four corners of the UK and regularly conduct various difficult and problematic sweeps and offer that reassuring feeling once we have found issues or given a clean bill of health to our clients.

We will welcome your call and can respond to your situation in hours, we will work around your needs and are often working through the night to minimise disruption and interference in the removal of any hidden devices.

Please note: when enquiring about our bug sweep services, do not contact us from a suspect telephone

Choosing the right P.I. to run your bug sweeping & TSCM service

If you have fears over using a private eye or you feel that there are too many to choose from and no idea on how to decide and on whom you should use, please see our article we published about choosing a PI, as we take our clients requests incredibly seriously and we recommend to our clients that making the right choice first can be the difference you need.

Bug detectors – an aid to keeping your business and profits secure.

You may think that bugging devices are the stuff of television dramas and James Bond films, but the truth of the matter is very different. If you run a business, you and your profits could be harmed by competitors who are bugging your office.

Just about anyone who has access to your premises can place a simple radio frequency bug which can be planted in seconds, and from that moment on any conversation you have with colleagues can be relayed to them.

Sweeping for bugs the professional way

Think about the people who have access to your office. As well as all your staff members, there are cleaners, contractors, and even security guards who can wander around the building without being challenged. Employees like these have been used to plant bugging devices on behalf of somebody who wants to know what is going on in secret meetings. Just imagine the damage that a simple bugging device could cause. That is why more people are turning to us for help when it comes to debugging a premise, or bug sweeping to ensure that you haven’t been targeted.

We have a team of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers who can help you with debugging your premises. When it comes to sweeping for bugs, we are experienced in conducting difficult and problematic situations, and are able to reassure clients once the debugging process has been carried out. If something untoward has been found, they will take care of it, with the minimum of fuss and maximum discretion.

Bug detectors

The debugging team can respond to your situation in hours, and will work around your needs. If necessary we can work through the night to minimise disruption and interference to your business. If your business has been targeted you can be sure that the debugging team will find the device. We use a variety of equipment, including the latest in bug detectors, so you will have complete peace of mind that once the debugging team has been around your premises, your business will be secure.

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