Covert Surveillance

How We Conduct Surveillance

Our agents – in most circumstances – are able to report back to our clients with audio and visual demonstrations of what has happened that very day and our full field teams are equipped to deal with every possible scenario that presents itself.

We operate throughout the UK with teams based all over who can respond to anywhere within minutes and hours, 7 days a week.

The 3 Main Types of Surveillance

The 3 main types of surveillance we often undertake are:

Static Surveillance: is normally undertaken by one Agent. They can be secreted outside a property and will be employed to film and record the movements of a person, or persons at an address or location.

Mobile Surveillance: is when we are asked to follow a person/persons. It is normally undertaken by a team, whether that be two, three, four or more Agents all moving from one area to another and across towns or the country. This can be on foot or by vehicle, on trains, buses and any other forms of transport depending on the requirements of the client. We have the capabilities of using a variety of vehicles applicable to the job as well as all the latest technology and equipment to capture the required evidence for our client.

Field Surveillance: is far less common but still required when we are asked to monitor a scenario whilst in a rural area. We have Operatives that are placed into areas where they will need to be camouflaged and we use more specialised equipment such as long lens and thermal imagery.

Although surveillance can sometimes be costly, we always advise our clients to put their faith in us and allow our judgement on how many Agents are needed for an operation.

If you think the target is aware or very aware of the possibility of surveillance, we recommend extending the team or the hours, but we must know beforehand so we can analyse the best way to handle the job.

Could the Target Know They Are Under Surveillance?

One of the most frequently asked questions is will the target know they are under surveillance. We can categorically state that this will not be the case.

Our Surveillance Agents are diverse and have a wealth of experience in investigative backgrounds. They have perfected the art of blending into whatever community or surrounding area that is required. Their ultimate objections are obtaining crucial information and doing so in an incredibly covert way.

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