Online Blackmail

What Constitutes Blackmail in the UK?

Blackmail is a criminal offense. It’s an act of making unwarranted demands with menaces in order to attain personal gain or project loss on another person or people.

There are many forms of blackmail and online harassment. The perpetrators are very sophisticated in setting up fake profiles and email addresses. However, they are equally naïve in thinking that they cannot be found.

Where possible, once our investigators have established the perpetrator, our team will provide a number of options to be followed to ensure that the online harassment stops.

One option is to make contact with a specialist Solicitor who deals specifically with harassment cases, ensuring that victims are legally represented against the harasser.

Are You a Victim of Blackmail or Sextortion?

If you believe you are a victim of blackmail or sextortion or know someone who is, please call our friendly specialist team confidentially on 0208 287 7770.

Sextortion, also known as webcam blackmail, is a form of cybercrime where criminals in possession of sexually explicit content (images, video clips) threaten to share them with the victims’ friends and family if they don’t pay.

This can make the victims feel extremely ashamed and embarrassed thinking they can’t ask for help.

Please know that there is no shame in flirting or cybersex, and you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s safe to come forward with your problems.

Facebook Sextortion – How it Usually Works

Facebook is the most common platform where sextortion begins.

Criminals might befriend victims on Facebook. After some initial casual chatting where the individual will try to gain access to personal information such as your telephone number, they may suggest a video chat.

They often use an attractive individual to entice the victim to participate. These individuals may be part of the scam and also benefit financially, however, they may have also been coerced via threats.

Once chatting the conversation usually becomes of a sexual nature quite quickly. Once you have engaged in the act, it may be only a matter of minutes before the blackmailer sends a photo or short video of yourself and threatens to share the content unless payment is made.

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