Can You Trace People Around the World?

Our national and international agents provide expert tracing services for both business clients and individuals in the UK and globally from our offices. We are always happy to help clients trace who they’re looking for, no matter where they may be. From South America to Australia and all over mainland Europe and beyond, you are guaranteed to get results with us.

How Long Does It Take to Trace a Person?

The length of time it takes to trace a person can vary depending on the circumstances. However, we can trace a person in as little as a few hours. This also applies to our international tracing services.

Are Your Tracing Services Discreet?

Yes, our tracing services at Global Investigations are 100% discreet. Our tracing agents operate with extreme proficiency and always undertake their work with the greatest subtlety, sensitivity and professionalism. Rest assured that you will receive a discreet and efficient service at all times, no matter what you need tracing.

Other Tracing Services

Global Investigations is well renowned for asset tracing  for individuals and businesses, so our clients can levy action on upon our findings. Also, we undertake employment tracing  where supplying the crucial employer information gives our clients a possibility for point of contact and attachment of earnings.

Our tracing of people can be done in as little as a few hours and our international tracing holds no bounds or boundaries. We are always happy to help clients trace from South America to Australia and all over the mainland of Europe and beyond, which lets us guide through an easy process.

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