Private Detective Agency: Over 12 Years of Discreet, Anonymous and Confidential Expertise in All Intelligence Matters
Working For Businesses and Individuals & the Legal profession, all over the UK.


Highly qualified Anonymous Private Investigators in the UK with Over 14 years of experience. Anonymous PI UK is a UK based private detective agency and private investigators providing all clients, both private and corporate, with the utmost commitment. We offer a high level of service, always delivered in an efficient and professional way. As a leading detective agency, we have an impressive bilingual team with many years combined investigative experience and over 14 years of operation. Anonymous PI UK Investigations has earned an enviable reputation for being a highly proficient, diligent, and scrupulous private detective agency in the UK.

Professional, Highly Anonymous, Discreet & Friendly Private Detectives

Based in Manchester UK, our detective agency caters for clients in Manchester and several nearby cities and can meet face-to-face or liaise online. If your matter is of a private nature, please be reassured that our friendly and proficient team will be here to help. Whether you’re looking for a male or female private detective to help get to the truth, our private detective agency is here to help. Our team are sensitive towards the needs of our extremely valued clients and rest assured our staff are available to provide advice on any and all situations

Our assurances, reputation & accreditations

As a major operator in private investigation services, Anonymous PI UK’s team of highly skilled private detectives are trained to carry out services to suit the needs of you, the client, bringing the situation to a rapid conclusion and giving you the answers you need. The private investigations industry in the UK is one where Anonymous PI are an advocate of encouraging licensing within the industry.

Private Detective Services

Marital Investigations

Are you suspicious of your partner’s actions? Have they given you cause to worry about your relationship? Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? The fact that you are dealing with marriage investigation services means that your suspicions have already been raised.

Covert Surveillance

All of our covert surveillance agents are trained to be extremely diligent, incredibly patient and quick thinkers. For over 11 years we have employed a large number of emergency services, young and old, who are competent in all situations, appropriately dressed and, above all, equipped for all eventualities.


Background checks in UK have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because more and more companies and individuals have recognized how valuable the findings from these checks are


The law in UK is that you can’t check a criminal record without permission, and of course that’s more used to a security clearance or job application where the person concerned has the advantage of giving permission. Therefore, while we cannot conduct an official criminal record check, we can investigate why a person was in court.

Online Fraud Investigations

Online fraudsters and cybercriminals use dishonest techniques to make money illegally while causing a loss to another party. Online fraud occurs where the fraudster makes a false representation on the internet.
The internet has provided fraudsters with a sea of opportunities to defraud people.
Unfortunately, a lot of the safety and preventative measures don’t prevent the most adept criminals from committing fraud.

Missing Person Enquiries

People go missing for a variety of reasons, and although there may not be sinister reasons behind the disappearance, it can still be distressing and problematic.
Contacting the police for missing person enquiries is not always practical, and that’s where we can help.
We are a private eye investigation agency who can help you find a missing person or find information on people in a swift, delicate, and discreet manner. With over 12 years’ combined experience, we have built up a national reputation in not just searching for people, but, more importantly, finding them

Lisa's Story

“I can't thank you guys enough. Despite my condition and the kids I had for him, he still treated me like trash. Thanks to your services, i was able to uncover all his dirty secrets which helped in my divorce case. This helped me get what I deserved for kids and I.”

“Thanks to your brilliant work, my father was successfully found and brought home safely. we feared something bad had happened given his health condition.”
Virgil Sack
“You have helped me uncover hidden assets ​​that my husband has been hiding from me for over 6 years. Can't believe he hid so much from me all this while.”
Maddox Susan
“My god I couldn't believe he was cheating on me with my bestfriend. Thanks for saving me from that pig.”
Curry Petra
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